Write it down. Watch it happen.

Author Jeanne Hussin and husband Joe Hussin on their Wedding Day
Joe and I on our wedding day, August 24, 2017

When I was merely thinking about finding love, I had a list of criteria for the man I desired that resided in my head.

Here’s a heartwarming story about how I found extraordinary love with a list.

I write lists all the time and for as long as I can remember. My lists include not only my-short term goals; they include long-term dreams I set for myself. Sometimes I uncover an old book I used as a quasi-journal and I’ll find three or four sentences about what I wanted to achieve in life. Remarkably, I’ll discover that most of them happened.

There is something very real about intentional thought and when put to ink, it suddenly becomes a possibility. What you think and how you think affects all of your outcomes.

Big thinking

So I decided to think BIG. After all, what was I too lose?  I wanted love. I wanted success. I wanted to write a book. All of them have come true and one is about to become real – my book. The odd thing is, it would take MANY years before they would occur.

When I was merely thinking about finding love, I had a list of criteria for the man I desired that resided in my head. I had written so many lists so I found it ironic that of all the lists I’d made throughout my life, I never got around to writing one about a romantic suitor.

Then one night more than 7 years ago when I was single, I met a very nice divorcee willing to have a deeper conversation with me about the characteristics I’d need from the “ideal” mate. I was of the opinion that writing a specific list was the key to karmatically connecting with one’s soul mate.

That fateful list

This divorcee began to scribe every single attribute I could think of describing someone who would hold the keys to my heart. The list included everything from having a healthy sense of humor to a credit score over 700 (seriously).

He wrote it all down and then handed me the list and told me to keep it. I did and I still have it.  Eight months later the man with all of the qualities on that list (well, almost everything) walked into my life.

Today with the world going through so much change, I see that people are taking stock of their lives and priorities. The fact is when something changes, we open ourselves up to possibilities we never imagined. Even negative change eventually will reveal itself to have some positive outcomes.

So write down your dreams, your goals, your hopes. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Look for Jeanne’s book and memoir, I see old People, to come out in 2021. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram too.





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