It’s never too late, for anything.

Jeanne and Joe in Leavenworth, Washington 2015

The best things that happened to me happened when I decided to make an appearance.

Jeanne corvese hussin

When I was writing my book, I began writing stories about my visits with seniors and how they changed my view of the world. I didn’t have a roadmap for where my stories would take me or how I would develop the middle and ending for my book, I See Old People. I just knew I wanted to write inspirational stories about love and kindness.

I wrote for over 10 years – stopping and starting as I had an intriguing narrative about my life I wanted to share. I wrote from the heart about things I knew, things I learned, and things I hoped would inspire others.

Relatable surprises

After I completed my book, I had no idea it would be relatable to people in so many different ways. My recent podcast with Lanee Blaise and Sandy Kovach of Imagine Yourself, led to a discussion of how it’s never too late to fulfill a dream, start a new venture, volunteer for a cause, or even find love.

Lanee and Sandy even did a bonus episode revealing what stuck out to them about our conversation and how it shaped their thinking. Sandy realized that maybe she needs to take some action to fulfill her life’s ambitions. Lanee noted that “if we’re still alive, there’s obviously something left for us to do or give or learn in this world. It’s just wide open.”

Love doesn’t have an expiration date

Another reader told me my book motivated her to start therapy training with her dog so she could volunteer at senior homes. And as it relates to love, I’ve spoken to many young women encouraging them to believe that love is always possible as long as you believe you’re loveable. Contrary to popular belief, love doesn’t have an expiration date.  

Realizing potential starts with one thing

The only thing standing between what we can imagine for ourselves and actually making it happen, is ourselves. All it takes is one small step forward. That first step is always the hardest because in the back of our mind we fear failure, or at the very worst, what if nothing ever happens.

All it takes to realize our potential, is showing up. So much happened for me when I showed up. From the first time I walked into a memory care facility to that first blind date with my future husband Joe, it was clear to me. The best things that happened to me happened when I decided to make an appearance.

Jeanne Corvese Hussin published I See Old People in June. It’s available on Amazon for purchase. Jeanne is available for podcasts and public speaking engagements. You can contact her directly here. #Bekindtour.

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  1. Lanee Blaise on August 15, 2021 at 6:56 pm

    Your book “I See Old People” is just so delightful and motivating! This world has got to understand that ageism is old news, and living life until our very last breath is the new way to be! Thanks for your encouraging blogs and perspectives!

    • Jeanne Hussin on August 15, 2021 at 11:01 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments! It’s wonderful to learn how my book resonates with people in different ways. You really made me see that and I loved our podcast!