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My Recipe for Thanksgiving with Jeanne Hussin

A cup of imperfection, a tablespoon of laugher, and a pinch of debate – my family recipe for Thanksgiving

By Jeanne Hussin | November 23, 2020

While I won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving as I did in the past, I sure have a lot of material to pull out of my memory banks. The memories feed my soul and make me feel joyful even when they were well shall I admit, less than perfect. When I grew up, my mom, a young…

Jason and Jeanne, Kind Conversations about Mistletoe

Ordinary becomes extraordinary in one small moment

By Jeanne Hussin | November 15, 2020

As I finished my autobiography last weekend and sent it off to my publisher, I’m struck how my ordinary life delivered such extraordinary moments. I don’t know whether it’s because I look for these moments and cling to them more vigilantly, or because extraordinary moments really happen to me. Either way, there’s nothing more glorious…

Rainbow - Kind Conversations

Covid-19 Miracle Story

By Jeanne Hussin | October 18, 2020

You begin to see the marvelous connections and invisible threads that connect you from one person to the another. – Squire Rushnell, Divine Alignment It’s April 2020 and Covid-19 has hit. The world changes and turns us upside down. I’m almost finished writing my autobiography. Or at least I believe I am. It’s about my…

Puppy Love, Kind Conversations

Puppy love

By Jeanne Hussin | October 13, 2020

These stuffed little creatures can make just about anyone’s day. Subscribe to my blog for more stories to warm your soul.

Music - Kind Conversations

Music and its powerful magic

By Jeanne Hussin | October 7, 2020

Music has an incredible way of engaging our memory mechanisms. I’ve seen this time and time again during my visits with seniors struggling with dementia. Even seniors in the most cationic of states, react. Often lip synching to the music, there is almost always a positive response. Music is probably the greatest gift to mankind.…

Jason and Tasha, Kind Conversations

Model kindness. They will learn.

By Jeanne Hussin | September 30, 2020

Around 2008, I found myself laid off from a large mortgage company after 16 years of employment. A single mom with a lot of debt and a lot of worry, I decided to visit seniors living in a nearby assisted living home. Why? I had time. I had no excuses. And I was a marvelous…

Jeanne's Parents, Shirley and Dick - Kind Conversations

Making an impact

By Jeanne Hussin | September 22, 2020

We positively touch thousands of people throughout our lifetime. People we may not remember. People we met only once. People we loved, lost or possibly couldn’t stand. People who remember us for something we said or did. Think about that. Think about the power you have to transform someone’s life, to give someone hope, to…

Kind Conversations with Jeanne Hussin


By Jeanne Hussin | September 16, 2020

Nostalgia a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. Nostalgia. It’s the comfort calling card when we begin aging or when the seasons of life change. It’s the place we visit to reflect and find joy even if it’s long ago and our memories…

Resources - Kind Conversations

Showing Up

By Jeanne Hussin | September 5, 2020

In my twenties, my cousin Paul had a nickname for me; Monitor Lady. As you might expect, it’s not a flattering nickname. He called me Monitor Lady because I wanted to control everything and everyone around me. It wasn’t until my later years that I let go of trying to control EVERYTHING. When I realized…

Steve and Jeanne, Kind Conversations

Someone needs you as much as you need them

By Jeanne Hussin | September 1, 2020

Sometimes listening to that inner voice is just the medicine we need. For example, last night, I knew I should return an overdue phone call to a childhood neighbor friend. Yet, a voice inside me said, “No, you should call Steve.” Steve is one of those longtime friends who answers the phone with a smile…

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