Mrs. Calabria

How one teacher with Alzheimer’s disease forgets how many lives she touched yet remembers how much she was loved. This chapter is from my memoir I See Old People and describes my visit with a memory care resident who suffers from Alzheimer’s and recalls her teaching years. Fifty percent of book proceeds are donated to…

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Remember the caregivers

Remember the Caregivers

It’s moments like these that I wondered if my visits were just as important to the families as they are to the residents. Maybe even more important. This story is about showing kindness to caregivers and how that changes everything even for the person receiving the care.   As I visited assisted living homes and…

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Covid-19 Miracle Story

Rainbow - Kind Conversations

You begin to see the marvelous connections and invisible threads that connect you from one person to the another. – Squire Rushnell, Divine Alignment It’s April 2020 and Covid-19 has hit. The world changes and turns us upside down. I’m almost finished writing my autobiography. Or at least I believe I am. It’s about my…

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Model kindness. They will learn.

Jason and Tasha, Kind Conversations

Around 2008, I found myself laid off from a large mortgage company after 16 years of employment. A single mom with a lot of debt and a lot of worry, I decided to visit seniors living in a nearby assisted living home. Why? I had time. I had no excuses. And I was a marvelous…

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